headshot3Kirsty is the Founder of  Absolute VA and there are a team of specially selected VA’s who support with bigger projects, specialist services and holiday cover.

This means you get a very personal service, tailored exactly to your business needs. Kirsty spends time getting to know you, your business, your vision, your preferences and how you like to work; you only need to explain once and Kirsty will soon be your right-hand woman. If you’re located in London, Kirsty can also help with errands, support or run your events and is available for any occasions when you need a physical personal assistant rather than a virtual assistant.

From a charity project manager in Somerset to the Guardian News and Media in London, Kirsty has spent both her professional career and spare time utilising her organisational and coordinating skills to add value to projects. Whether it’s a fun 60-mile bike ride dressed as pirates, developing and hosting a training day for freelancers, interviewing/recruiting or coordinating volunteer activities for 16000 members of staff, Kirsty has organised her way through life. Kirsty knows how to get the best from Microsoft Office (PC or Mac) but also has a creative side which can be useful as a sounding board when you’re a small business with big ideas.

Kirsty loves a new app or website that makes life more efficient and is a big fan of Google Drive; allowing sharing and working across the world.

Spare time is spent renovating her new house and garden, learning DIY skills as she goes. A tenacious attitude is in her blood, such as insisting on plumbing in her own dishwasher from scratch. 

Proudest moment:

Driving over the finish line of the Red Bull Soap Box race in London with a homemade (ok, slightly shoddy) go-kart

What you couldn’t live without:

Email account, the same since 2003

Favourite country:

Australia. Relaxed, warm and it’s the norm to have a BBQ after work

Things you enjoy:

Having time in the garden and being on a boat

Things you don’t enjoy: