A page of Absolute VA FAQ's

There’s no alphabetical order here. If your question is not listed below, feel free to get in touch with us. We would be happy to answer any queries you may have, big or small.

Why a VA?

Absolute VA can free up your time to think about your bigger picture and concentrate on your sales or just give you a break. We hope this means you’ll have a better work / life balance.  If it’s just you in your business, sometimes you also need someone to confide in; someone to bounce ideas off so you don’t need to carry the worries of a business alone.

Here are some great reasons why a VA is cost efficient:

  • Only pay for the hours a week you need help with, rather than a full-time administrator
  • No wasted time
  • You don’t need to pay for holiday or sickness cover
  • You don’t have to worry about an employment contract, payroll, pension or HMRC staff requirements
  • You don’t need to heat / light an office space for your VA
  • No recruitment and advertising costs

Absolute VA Sickness and holiday cover:

Seamless. Should Absolute VA be sick or take a holiday, it won’t interfere with your business. Except for a courtesy notification email in advance, all tasks will be delegated to Absolute VA’s partner company who are a trusted and professional team but if anything urgent arises, you always have access to Absolute VA’s mobile number…for peace of mind.


We’re professionals. We act and work professionally. The Absolute VA client terms and conditions include a confidentiality clause but we’re happy to sign a separate confidentiality agreement from you, if this is an option you prefer.

Your business:

Absolute VA is covered with professional indemnity insurance should the worst happen.


Know exactly where you stand with clear pricing. Hours are paid for in advance, at the start of the month or pro rata depending on your start date in the month. We care about fellow small business owners and don’t add hidden extras.


When both parties are clear on expectation, Absolute VA  will provide a contract which needs to be signed and returned. For retainer packages, if you want to end the agreement with Absolute VA then 30 days notice is required, in writing.


This is the best value. If you haven’t used your hours during the month, we’re happy to roll them over for one month.


All phone calls, printing and stationery are included within your price. However, if a particular task requires more resources than normal (such as printing many pages or a solely phone based task), an additional cost will be made but you will be notified in advance – no scary unexpected bills here.

How we work:

We record each hour worked for you. We update the log daily and bill you monthly (in advance). In the highly unlikely event that there’s something we can’t do for you, we let you know straight away, so there’s no wasted time.

When you’re on holiday:

Absolute VA can step in and keep your business running with answering calls, emails and being a constant front of house.

Software to work remotely:

Google Drive is the recommended way of working and sharing files (if you don’t know what this is, we’ll happily get you set up) but we have a number of ways to work remotely with you, once we know what the tasks will be. However, if you have a preferred software, we can look to work with that (any new software would be discussed in the initial meeting/onboarding).