Pay As You Go: £32 per hour.

A good option if you know your VA needs fluctuate

  • No minimum number of hours
  • Ideal for one-off projects

Retainer: £30 per hour.

This option offers the best value

  • 20 hours or more per month
  • Hours paid in advance
  • If you don’t use your hours in one month, roll them over to the next month. Maximum rollover is one month

Extra: £42 per hour.

You pay a little extra but we really shine

  • Any ‘in person’ work (excluding the initial free-of-charge meeting) or
  • Any urgent work; if you need work to be turned around within 1 business day

Please note, travel expenses are in addition and travel time is expensed at £20 per hour.

Freebies: Because something for free is exciting, right?

  • A free of charge initial meeting so you can meet Kirsty from Absolute VA. We’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed (value £40)
  • Kirsty from Absolute VA is also a keen amateur DIY’er (she can turn her hand to almost anything) so she’ll happily have a free chat with you about that (value, £priceless)