Keeping warm as a freelancer

Hello January. Hi. It’s been a whole year.

For many small business owners and freelancers, it’s just them. So there is no need for an office (and therefore the luxuries that come with it such as constant heating).

Mostly we work from home and yes, we have heating but if we had our heating on 24/7 the bills would be through the roof. So we have to be a bit creative.

I read a great post by a fellow VA and coach – Jo Munroe, all about this very subject and she’s nailed it, here.

My favourite part is the section about keeping fit by having a mini exercise bike under your desk.

It is such a luxury to be able to work from home (or anywhere in the world; as being a Virtual Assistant means you don’t need to be in a set chair, at a set desk, in a set office, in a set building). When in the UK, I mostly work from my home but I like to mix it up a little by working in the British Library, Google Campus and I’ve even tried a free workspace in a Casino in Bayswater! Anything goes when you just need to get your head down for a few hours on a laptop.

As with everything in life; there are up and downs to working remotely and this post shares with you some ingenious methods to combat the winter months.

Over to you Jo.