92 Tasks You Can Delegate

Absolute VA clients are busy people, just like you. You need help so you can concentrate on growing your business, networking and being creative. However, often you’re so busy juggling tasks that it’s difficult to take a moment out and think “what can I delegate?”.

Well, lucky you asked! Below is a is a list of tasks that are frequently delegated. Your business will have certain bespoke needs but we’re pretty confident you’ll be able to circle a fair few from the list below. If delegating these tasks sounds like a dream come true – let us know.

Delegate your to-do list with Absolute VA


  • Set up a spreadsheet
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation
  • Proofread (documents, website, proposals, etc.)
  • Data entry
  • Database creation, maintenance and cleansing
  • Scheduling and checking of appointments
  • Find speaking opportunities
  • Source images for documents / presentations
  • Manage, schedule and send newsletters
  • Check emails
  • Diary management
  • Make sales calls / follow-up sales calls
  • CRM management and maintenance
  • Create template documents (such as report or proposal formats)
  • Set up electronic filing systems
  • Prepare training material
  • Set-up and/or co-ordinate training
  • Check voicemails
  • Organise corporate activities
  • Project management
  • Create email marketing lists (manage subscribers)
  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Directory submission
  • Customer service
  • Source and/or liaise with suppliers
  • Order stock
  • Deal with client / member enquiries
  • Digital declutter of files
  • Organise, attend (virtually) and coordinate meetings (distribute agenda, take minutes, etc.)
  • Set up email filing system
  • Act as point of contact for business
  • Manage documents – complete forms/scan/file/create
  • PDFs
  • Offer feedback/insight/time-saving ideas
  • Follow up calls
  • Research best software for your needs


  • Research products
  • Research events (venues / caterers / speakers)
  • Research pricing for purchases
  • Locate professional services such as accountant
  • Research competitors or market place
  • Research materials for presentations / proposals / reports
  • Find courses / activities of interest (training, sports etc.)


Travel services by Absolute BA


  • Train and hotel bookings
  • Finding best price flights and booking
  • Arranging transport to / from station or airport
  • Coordinate and book an entire itinerary
  • Sourcing services / suppliers for a trip (dry cleaners, hairdressers, restaurants)


  • Write a blog post
  • Write reports / proposals
  • Proofreading
  • Write newsletter content
  • Write press release
  • Ghost writing
  • Write autoresponders

Event organisation

  • Organise all elements of an event (venue, catering, marketing, speakers etc.)
  • Set up events online (Eventbrite for example) and manage ticket sales
  • Event promotion (Email marketing, Social Media)
  • Create and print materials for the event (name badges, training manuals, etc.)


  • Create job adverts
  • Set up interviews
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Follow-up and check references
  • Induction training
  • Train / supervise other virtual staff
  • Manage and maintain staff records
  • Organise and maintain staff reviews


  • Manage family calendar
  • Set up schedules / reminder systems for homework/school activities/parties/etc.
  • Find tradesmen
  • Arrange deliveries (flowers / couriers)
  • Book appointments (dentists / doctors / hairdressers / beauty)
  • Book car repairs / service (ensuring adequate provision for alternative travel)
  • Plan a holiday
  • Make bookings (theatre / cinema tickets, restaurant reservations)
  • Find the cheapest utilities
  • Find a property
  • Research areas
  • Organise a child’s party
  • Digital de-clutter of your photos


  • Send greeting cards (birthdays / Christmas)
  • Research gift options
  • Purchase and send gifts
  • Plan a party
  • Plan an intimate celebration

Social media

  • Set up social media pages
  • Write social media posts / programmes
  • Coordinate and update social media
  • Forum participation
  • Blog comments
  • Answer queries on Yahoo group/ twitter /
  • Facebook pages